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Q. Do I need a water supply for the fountain?
A. No – the fountain is self-contained and the water is circulated by a submersible pump.

Q. Does the pump use a lot of electricity?
A. No – about the same as a light bulb.

Q. Can I order this fountain in a different color?
A. Yes – We can accommodate special orders. Speak with the store manager about lead-times. At Barone Garden, We order through out the year.

Q. Do I need to use chemicals to treat the water?
A. Yes – Clean water is obviously the best way to maintain a beautiful water feature. Recommended are product such as Fountec to prevent algae growth and Protec to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits often found in hard water. Never use bleach!

Q. Can pieces be ordered individually should a component need replacement?
A. Yes – We can specify each component of any fountain. Each component piece is identified in our dealer catalog and weights and measurements are available.

Q. Can the design of a fountain be changed?
A. Components can be configured to alter the fountain style. However, because all pieces are cast from molds individual designs can not be altered.

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. Yes - Most of the manufacturer offer a one year limited warranty on all concrete and pump products.  

Q. Can my fountain withstand freezing temperatures?
A. Yes, as long as it is dry. Fountains need to be emptied and covered with plastic or a waterproof tarp to prevent freezing and possible pitting of the surface caused by standing water.

Q. Why should I purchase a fountain from Barone Garden ?
A. Barone Garden have been in business over 15 years selling and installing fountains and statuary at low price guarantee, unsurpassed quality.




Is there enough water in the fountain?
Many require a full water level to operate properly.

Is the plastic tubing kinked, blocking the water flow?

Did the circuit breaker go off?

Is there debris, leaves, mineral buildup, etc. blocking the intake to the pump?

Is there an “airlock” in the pump?
Plug and unplug the pump several times to clear it or pour water into the tubing.

Is the propeller in the pump turning?
Consult manufacturer’s directions for servicing supplied with the pump.

Possible leakage?
Check for leaks by filling the fountain without operating the pump. If you do not see water around the base, it might be splash out on a windy day or a thirsty pet!

Excess splash?
In some cases water clings to lips or spillways, causing water to fall erratically. Applying a small amount of clear silicone at those points where water is designed to fall could help water release from the lip in a continuous pour and reducing splash. Simply place a small amount of silicone on your finger and lightly apply by pulling down, creating an up-side-down teardrop for water to follow.
*Never allow water collected in your fountain to freeze*


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