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At the end of the season clean and completely dry the statue's surfaces.

As long as there are no areas where snow or water could pool, the statue can be left outdoors.

If possible, store indoors or in a facility which is not exposed to freezing temperatures.  

If is not possible to bring indoors or is too big you can use a Fountain cover, simply ensure the cover is straight and taunt, giving no chance for water or snow to pool on the cover, make sure to put in moisture absolving material ( put blanket over the fountain than cover ) and that the base is standing on a properly drained area so water or snow does not pool around it.

Can I use a Antifreeze or a Heating or De-Icing device?
Neither! Antifreeze is harmful to anyone who drinks it!!! and it will not prevent ice damage.

A Heating or De-Icing devices maintain the temperature above freezing (32 degrees). It does this to water near it. As water circulates and moves away from the device it will freeze & cause ice damage.

What can I use to keep water clean in my Fountain?
We do not recommend the use of Chlorine based water treatments as this corrosive chemical makes the tubbing, inner connections & pump parts brittle. It will also have an undesired bleaching effect over the finish.

Use Fountec to prevent the formation of Algae, which has an unpleasant slimy texture, scent and color...

Why is my Fountain or Statue piece developing 'SPIDER' cracks?
All concrete will develop spider web-like, hair-thin cracks. This is normal as they appear as a result of the expansion & contraction the cast stone goes through during ambient temperature changes.

Why is my Fountain or Statue piece developing crumbling?
Based on where you are and when it was emptied, cleaned, dried & how the pieces were stored/covered ice damage is very likely the culprit.

Water penetrates the porous structure of concrete. It requires time & temperature for this moisture to be released. If this is not done before the first frost it will show itself as by way of cracking or fully disintegrating.

When should I start winterizing?
Winter care should take place once the weather nears 50 degrees F. (Roughly  US = Oct/Nov  &  Canada = Sep/Oct).
Freezing temperatures reach as far south as Florida & the Nevada desert...

How do I care for my Pump?
In season

Maintain a proper water level so pump does not run dry. Wet-Dry transitions not only increase the calcium build up they severely affect rubber seal's integrity and, specially Direct Drive pumps, can burn out.

Ensure there are no debris obstructing water flow. This can also lead to pump failure.

Use Fountec Lime Remover to remove Lime build up. Most water carries within it many minerals that build  up on the pump's surface as the water evaporates. 

End of Season - Prior to first frost

Use Fountec Lime Remover to remove Lime build up. Most water carries within it many minerals that build  up on the pump's surface as the water evaporates.

Store indoors.

If not possible to bring indoors ensure the pump completely dry & covered by an old blanket or towel. This will absorb moisture that could otherwise freeze and damage pump parts.

Does my pump require oil?
No. There is no need for ANY kind of oil.

Magnetic Driven Pumps, also known as MAG-drive pumps, have a spinning magnet that floats in mid-'air' (water).

DIRECT drive pumps are sealed and do contain a lubricant, which is only accessible by the manufacturer, unless you break the pump case... Most pumps today have a thermostat that shuts them down before overheating, preventing a possible leak.

This safety mechanism is also part of larger MAG drive pumps.

It is VERY important that all pumps are run underwater to prevent shut-downs & start-ups that would lead to a pump failure.

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