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Installation Hints and Questions

Barone Garden offers Delivery and Installation Services.  Please contact us for service availability in your area.  All work is performed by experienced and knowledgeable personal.  Due to the overwhelming amount of deliveries during the peak season, please be advised that the Delivery and  installation lead-time is about 2 weeks. 

Barone Garden guarantees the Delivery and Installation for 30 day period.  Pump warranty is VOID in the event the power plug is cut off to accommodate hard wiring.  In the event that problem should occur (pump failure , leaking, etc. ) within this 30 day period, a service technician will be sent to repair the problem at no charge.  After the 30 day period, a charge will incur for labor only.  If it is deemed the fault of the customer that the problem has occurred ( debris clogged the pump, bleach or chlorine was used discoloring the fountain, improper foundation causing the fountain to tilt and/ or fall over, etc. ) a charge will occur.  Please do not use bleach or chlorine in your fountains, it will discolor and damage finish on your fountain. 

Please be advised that proper foundation is needed for the type of fountains you have purchased.  The area must be prepped and ready for set-up before the product arrive.  Pedestal type fountains require a solid concrete foundation.  As a rule of thumb, the size of the foundation needed must allow a minimum of 6” space around the edge of the pedestal. ( If the pedestal measures 18” diameter, your customer should have a prepared solid foundation measuring no less than 30” in diameter )

Basin style fountains require a soft foundation , such as compacted dirt or concrete with a 2” layer of sand covering an area the size of the diameter of the basin.  Placing a length of 2” conduit or PVC underneath the basin from the center out to the edge or to the power source is a smart consideration.  This will prevent major dismantling should the pump need to be replaced. Please consult an electrician regarding local code requirements.  For an additional fee, the service technician will provides items such a stepping stones or sand, and additional labor for routing around fountains that require sand under them.  These additional services may be quoted by contacting us.

Please tell us about the type of access the service technician will have to the Delivery $ Set-up area.  For areas that have difficult access such as stairs, narrow walkways, hills, etc. an additional charge may apply.  Please consult us should any of these situations exist.  All services technicians reserve the right to refuse an installation should he/she deem the area inadequate or unsafe.

Please be advised we do not, under any circumstances do any electrical work.  The customer must supply a GFI electrical outlet within 6 feet from the outer edge of the fountain.  If a power source is not available, the service technician will temporarily test the fountain with an extension cord to ensure proper set-up.

We do just deliveries as well so please let us know of your needs.

We will not bear any liability to plants or grass damaged in the process of delivering the product. ( most of fountains are delivered with the use of a havy-duty dolly and not carried by hand! )

If an item you are looking for is not on our web site or found, Please send us an e-mail

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